Telemetry and Data Logging

BioHarness telemetry and data logger

Accurate, Reliable Remote Monitoring and Telemetry Solutions

For physiology or other life science education disciplines  where experiments require remote monitoring or telemetry,  BIOPAC provides eductors with the BioHarness or TEAM systems. BIOPAC’s BioHarness with AcqKnowledge software is a state-of-the-art lightweight portable biological data logger and telemetry system. BioHarness  monitors, analyzes and records a variety of physiological parameters including ECG, respiration, temperature, posture, and acceleration. BioHarness applications include physiology, psychology, psychophysiology, exercise physiology, ergonomics, human factors, and more.

The harness employs Smart Fabric technology that eliminates the need for additional electrodes and wires. The device uses Bluetooth transmission to telemeter data back to a base computer or logs it locally for later download.

The TEAMSystem-1 is a stand-alone, RF telemetry physiology monitoring system for one person. That can be expanded to simultaneously monitor multiple people in real time, anywhere in a stadium, field or other wide-area setting.

BioHarness and the TEAM include AcqKnowledge software to provide a wide range of tools for viewing, measuring, and analyzing the data; automated routines for HRV and Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia simplify the analysis process and save time.

  • The live Bluetooth telemetry mode allows you to monitor subjects in real time; range is ~30 m, environment dependent.
  • Use the logging mode to monitor subjects away from the lab—athletes can wear the device while they train.