human safe stimulation electrodeHuman, Animal Stimulation Electrodes

BIOPAC provides human-safe stimulation electrodes with push-button safety and dual needle electrodes for stimulation of animal or tissue preparations. These stimulation electrodes offer a superior degree of safety and comfort when using a voltage stimulator for human stimulation, and are designed for ease of use in animal or tissue bath applications. When used with the Biopac Student Lab system’s hardware, software, and curriculum, these stimulation electrodes are part of a complete life science teaching system.

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Field Stimulation Electrode – BNC


Tissue holder with built-in field stimulation electrodes; cable terminates in BNC to connect to BSLSTM or STM200 Stimulator to use…

Stim Electrode, Human-safe

Part #: HSTM01

The Human-safe Stimulation Electrode HSTM01 provides a superior degree of safety and comfort when using a Voltage Stimulator for human…

37 mm stimulating needle electrodes

Stimulating Electrodes

Part #: ELSTM1, ELSTM2

Recommended for use when applying a stimulus to animal subjects and tissue preparations ELSTM1 Unshielded Stimulation Bar Electrode for Research…