lead120r.gifShielded, Unshielded Electrode Leads

BIOPAC offers high-quality shielded and unshielded electrode leads in a variety of lengths. Clip leads  are available, as are toothless leads and a multi-lead ECG cable. When used with the Biopac Student Lab system’s hardware, software, and curriculum, these electrode leads are part of a complete life science teaching system.

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Clip Leads for EL120

Part #: LEAD120-R, LEAD120-W

These 1-meter red or white leads with Touchproof connector works with the reusable EL120 electrode. Snap the electrode into place…

Lead Set for MP41

Part #: 40EL

Three clip electrode lead set with one red, one white, and one black for easy identification of positive, negative, and…


Lead set, shielded, BSL

Part #: SS2LB

This fully-shielded cable assembly permits high resolution recording of biopotentials using our EL500 series disposable electrodes. The 2 meter adapter…

Electrode Lead Black 3 m Unshielded

Lead Wires with Clip

Part #: LEAD110, LEAD110A, LEAD110S-R, LEAD110S-W

These electrode leads are used with the EL500 series disposable snap electrodes. The LEAD110 series electrode leads have no ferrous…


Multi-lead ECG Cable (MP3X)

Part #: SS29L

The SS29L Multi-Lead ECG Cable permits high resolution electrodcardiogram recordings. The lead set will allow you to simultaneously record Leads…

Alligator Clip Lead

Special Electrode Lead Clips

Part #: LEAD140, LEAD142

LEAD140 Series electrode clip leads can be used for either recording or stimulation. They are useful for attaching BIOPAC amps to a…