bar electrodesBar Electrodes for Nerve Conduction, Somatosenory & Muscle Twitch Recording

BIOPAC offers Concave or Convex bar electrodes with a shielded or unshielded surface. Bar electrodes are recommended for use when applying a stimulus, or recording a signal, during nerve conduction, somatosensory or muscle twitch recordingsBIOPAC bar electrodes are nonferrous and consist of two tin electrodes in a watertight acrylic bar. The bar configuration permits easy electrode placement without disturbing electrode to electrode spacing. The leads terminate in standard Touchproof connectors.

EL350 series bar electrodes can connect

  • directly to any 100C-series Biopotential amplifier, STMISOLA stimulator, or STMISOC/D/E stimulus isolation adapters
  • via CBL207 Touchproof to BNC cable to STM200 or BSLSTMB Stimulators
  • via CBL201 Touchproof to 2-mm pin cable older to 100A/100B-series amplifiers or STMISOA/B

These bar electrodes, when used with the Biopac Student Lab system’s hardware, software, and curriculum, are part of a complete life science teaching system.