New Method Removes HRV Artifact

BIOPAC released a new application note that explains how to optimize ECG R-R interval data for Heart Rate Variability studies by using a template matching approach. It also explains how to identify erroneous R-R interval values caused by signal artifact and shows methods for correcting the errors by using the tools in the AcqKnowledge software. If these guidelines are followed and subject movement is minimized it is reasonable to expect virtually no artifacts in the data.

  • The following screenshot is taken from a 9 min ECG recording where the subject sneezed, moved in the chair, twisted his body, stood up and sat down, moved his hands, etc., all with no artifact (observe the consistent R-R interval waveform on the bottom).
 HRV data from BIOPAC

Read the full Heart Rate Variability—Application Note Click for HRV Analysis (pdf).


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