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Comparing Muscle Movement and Involvement between Boxing Punches

Measure EMG for boxing punchIn the fast-paced, high-intensity combat sport of boxing, the right punch can win a fight. However, boxing is also a sport where opponents can become exhausted in mere minutes of action, and prioritizing their strength is key to winning a fight. This team recorded EMG on test subject’s bicep and tricep muscle groups while recording force, in order to study the muscle involvement and energy utilized in jab and cross punches. Read the Full Study: Comparing Two Types of Punches (Jab and Cross) On the Basis of Maximum Impact and Muscle Involvement (Hira Shoukat, Arfa Rabail, Madina Ikram Mirza, Shehla Inam, Hamza Toor, Saad Jawaid Khan)

Utilizing Specialized Weightlifting Shoes for a Better Front Squat Position

Special wedged weightlifting shoes are utilized by some weightlifters as a tool to support correct squat posture. This position is extremely important when deadlifting hundreds of pounds, as even slightly incorrect posture can cause severe injuries. Interested in the popularity of these wedged shoes, Southwestern University researchers conducted a study to track how these shoes affect trunk lean, hip flexion, and more. EMG measurements in corresponding muscle groups were simultaneously tracked in AcqKnowledge. Read the Full Study: Effects of Using Wedged-Weightlifting Shoes When Performing a Front Squat (Brielle Adolph, Scott P. Mclean)

Tracking Physiological Data Points in a Lunge

The forward lunge is an extremely popular exercise for track and field athletes as it stretches leg and core muscles while developing balance. Utilizing a Tri-Axial Accelerometer and Surface EMG amplifier from BIOPAC, this study reported correlational data between multiple physiological measurements during a study involving track & field athletes performing lunge movements. Read the Full Study: Correlational data concerning body centre of mass acceleration, muscle activity, and forces exerted during a suspended lunge under different stability conditions in high-standard track and field athletes (Joan Aguilera-CastellsBernat BuscàJordi Arboix-AlióGary McEwanJulio Calleja-GonzálezJavier Peña)

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MedelOpt Mobility Systems

MedelOpt® Mobility systems provide high-density NIRS with EEG available in a flexible, adaptable headset for high density mapping with complete mobility with an unlimited range of acquisition for up to 8 hours. MedelOpt Mobility adjusts to real-world situations or virtual reality (VR) environments with a specific design to fit any head mounted VR display. Use for […]

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New Citations | BIOPAC in Motivation Studies

Discovering and understanding what motivates humans to produce better results has intrigued many researchers. Many researchers have explored the psychophysiological processes that drive our behavior. Here are some recent studies that have used BIOPAC systems to research motivation… Motivation and Pleasure Deficits Undermine the Benefits of Social Affiliation in Psychosis. Blanchard, J. J., Smith, J. […]

New Citations | BIOPAC in Eye Tracking Studies

Eye tracking technology has come a long way and has enabled researchers to conduct mobile experiments and track participants in real world scenarios. These featured studies demonstrate some of the use cases for mobile eye tracking technology. Here are some recent studies that have used BIOPAC systems for eye tracking research… Drivers’ gaze patterns when resuming […]

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