Neuropsychophysiological mapping at 7T – OHBM presentation

Neuropsychophysiological mapping was the topic of Jennifer Robinson’s poster presentation at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) Annual Meeting 2015.

The presentation reviews data acquired using BIOPAC MR-compatible modules, leads, and electrodes during simultaneous ultra high field, high-resolution functional neuroimaging. The poster clearly explains setup and shows neural correlates paired with ECG, EMG, EDA, and Grip, with results of EMG, EDA, and basic cardiovascular measures derived after signal processing to remove scanning artifacts.

  • BIOPAC hardware
    • Electrocardiograph (ECG): ECG100C-MRI Smart Amplifier with EL509 electrodes, LEAD108, and GEL100
    • Electromyograph (EMG): EMG100C-MRI Smart Amplifier
    • Respiration: RSP100C Amplifier with TSD201 respiratory effort transducer
    • Electrodermal activity (EDA): EDA100C-MRI Smart Amplifier with EL509 electrodes, LEAD108, and isotonic GEL101
  • fMRI scanning was carried out on a whole body 7T Siemens MAGNETOM scanner, outfitted with a 32-channel Nova Medical head coil.


Neuropsychophysiological mapping: Concurrent psychophysiological recording and fMRI at 7T Jennifer L. Robinson, Ph.D., Matthew Miller, Ph.D., Keith Lohse, Ph.D., Ronald Beyers, Ph.D., Kirk Grand, Lauren A. J. Kirby, Ashley C. Hill, Jerry E. Murphy, Alan Macy, M.S.E.E., Ken Graap, M.Ed.


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