TEAM System User Guide


9700.0142 2012-07-06


This User Guide contains information required to operate the TEAM System (Zephyr™ PSM Training system) incorporating OmniSense Application software, using Zephyr components which support the ECHO radio network type. Data is relayed over a mesh radio network. This configuration will support a maximum of 50 subjects.
TEAM System remote physiological monitoring utilizes Zephyr’s patented BioHarness™ product. The BioHarness™ allows the measurement of:

    • Heart Rate 


  • Breathing Rate 



  • Activity level 



  • Subject orientation (posture) 



  • Temperature 



  • A variety of physiological parameters using automated fitness tests as detailed in this User Guide 



Data from the BioHarness™ is used to generate a color-coded Subject Status indication (Red-Orange-Green).

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