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A participant’s physiology can be more precise than objective feedback! Review synchronized data to pair any specifically noted participant physiological response to the timeline of presented media. Indexed physiological measures can be assigned to affective responses, such as pleasure, displeasure, interest, and surprise. Consumer neuroscientists and neuromarketing professionals looking to provide data to product development and marketing teams can use BIOPAC solutions to discover insights related to unconscious behavior that drives decision making and opinion development. Combine this data with self-reported data in surveys, A/B tests, and anecdotes to understand completely how and when decisions are made.

Easy to use and reliable solutions that inspire people and enable discovery about life

BIOPAC works with you to deliver the complete solution!

Methodology – experiment design

Study – collecting great data

Analysis – interpreting the data

Reporting – providing the results

BIOPAC is Trusted Worldwide—used in 99% of top universities and at Global 500 commercial companies.

  • Validated systems
  • Human safe
  • Objective measures
  • Synchronization with other devices
  • Wide range of signal choices
  • Importance of getting good data
  • Tested in the lab
  • Published Thousands of times

Meaningful Signals & Measurements

Easy-to-use, proven recording and analysis solutions include

ECG Electrodcardiogram
EDA/EDR Electrodermal Activity
EEG (including high-channel)
EGG Electrogastrogram
EMG Electromyogram
EOG Electrooculogram

Pulse & Pulse Transit Time
SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Level)
Respiration (thoracic and/or abdominal)
Air Flow, End-Tidal CO2
Skin Temperature

Eye Tracking
fNIRS Optical Brain Imaging
Noninvasive Cardiac Output (dZ/dt)
Pre-Ejection Period
Electrical Bioimpedance

Stimuli and Sync

Use industry-standard tools to deliver stimuli—images, video, sound, scent, etc.— and BIOPAC software for precise synchronization with physiological data. Timing of the delivery is critical to accurately measure subject response.

Eye Tracking

Synchronize data from mobile or screen-based eye tracking with physiological measures. Play back the video and see frame-by-frame changes to help you optimize messaging.

Move quickly from idea to implementation to results!

Easily Build or Expand Your Physiology Research Lab

Add BIOPAC solutions to an existing lab, create a new lab, or use our lab! Modular and scalable solutions are available from individual items to custom pre-configured custom labs.

Modular Hardware & Analysis Tools

Select individual modules to complement your existing lab or start from scratch. Use BIOPAC’s world class research system, the MP160 with AcqKnowledge, to instantly and easily view, measure, analyze, and transform data for single or multiple participants. Or use your own system to complete your lab build-out—equipment can be customized to meet your study needs.

BioCube | An innovative new lab solution

BioCube is a complete lab out of the box—no construction, no bureaucracy! Easily manage space, budget, and equipment decisions with everything you need for a complete testing environment in one package: monitors, cameras, audio, partitions, furniture & more! Everything is fully-optimized to help you get great data. The lab includes a prep area, a control/monitoring area, and four or more participant cubicles.  Plus, BioCube is collapsible so you can use the space for other purposes.

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