Helping Ben Find True Love—BIOPAC Systems Featured on The Bachelor

Bachelor BIOPACHere’s a fun application we haven’t heard of yet—using BIOPAC to test relationship compatibility! BIOPAC equipment was recently featured on ABC’s The Bachelor. In the episode, a “matchmaking test” was performed between the bachelor and several of his potential female companions to observe physiological changes that occurred while in close, one-on-one contact. BioNomadix wireless transmitters can be seen on the participants’ wrists and midsections to measure heart rate and electrodermal activity (EDA) changes in response to interpersonal contact. The data is acquired and compared in AcqKnowledge, and used to determine compatibility scores between the bachelor and each of the contestants. You can watch the entire episode on the ABC website here, and the test occurs around the 49-minute mark (only available for US viewers).

Note: offers this episode as a free streaming service. As such, a series of ads is required for viewing.


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