Hand-held Fiber Optic Micro Pressure System now available

The MPMS200 single-channel, hand-held fiber optic micro pressure measurement system for physiological pressure monitoring is now available. Use for a variety of pressure studies, such as intra vascular blood pressure; Urodynamic; Intra cranial pressure; Intra uterine pressure; Intra ocular; Cardiac assist applicfiber optic micro pressureations; etc.

  • Compact and rugged design
  • High resolution and precision
  • Easily interfaces with BIOPAC or 3rd-party DAQs
  • MRI-compatble sensors available
  • Automatic atmospheric pressure correction

The amplifier unit provides an analog output signal in the ±5 V range and has a 250 Hz frequency range. The system includes a CBL101 cable to interfaces directly with the UIM100C for Research Systems . The unit is battery powered and also comes with a mains power transformer.

The system is used with TSD280 series fiber optic sensors that have a 0.30 mm (1 French) sensor tip diameter; the probes are suitable for work on small animals. An optional extension cable for MRI applications is available.

 Micro Pressure Measurement System – MPMS200




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