fNIRSoft released for optical brain imaging analysis

fNIR Analysis Software

New release! fNIRSoft Stand-alone Software

fNIRSoft provides wizard tools and an easy-to-use interface for Temporal Visualization, Time Series Analysis, Topography, Data Management, Scripting Engine, and Signal Analysis.

  • fNIRSoft Standard edition is included in fNIR100A, fNIR200A, fNIR300A, and fNIR100W Systems.
  • fNIRSoft Pro Edition is included pre-loaded in the fNIR400 System.

See fNIRSoft Software Options to add fNIRSoft to fNIR100, fNIR200 or fNIR300 Systems, or to upgrade installed fNIRSoft Standard to Pro.



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