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Emotions, Yelling and Alcohol—New Citations

Yelling and Aerobics

Emotions in Action

Researchers Blakemore et al. have recently performed a study evaluating increased force production as a response to emotionally stimulating images. Subjects’ finger grip force measurements were amplified with a DA100C general purpose transducer amp, and data for force and respiratory effort were acquired with an MP150 and analyzed with AcqKnowledge software. The study details some of the physiological occurrences behind increased force production in participants when exposed to emotionally provocative images. Congratulations to Dr. Blakemore and her team at the University of Geneva for their publication! You can find the paper here.

Yelling and Aerobic Performance

Chinese researchers took a look at the power of yelling during stressful, high intensity exercise. Subjects were asked to ride a stationary bike against increasing resistance, and to loudly yell multiple times when they felt exhausted.  EMG signals were collected with an EMG100C amplifier and an MP150 data acquisition system. The researchers concluded yelling did have a positive effect on cardiovascular efficiency during exercise. Read the entire paper here.

Alcohol Dependency and Unfairness

A study recently assessed emotional responses in alcohol-dependent individuals as a response to an unfair situation.  Participants were subjected to a game that posed fair and unfair situations to the player, and EDA signals were recorded with a BIOPAC EDA amplifier, along with an MP150 and AcqKnowledge. The paper suggests that alcohol-dependent subjects reacted more emotionally to unfair situations. Read the entire study here.

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