EDA Guide Available

How to record EDA SCRBIOPAC’s comprehensive EDA Guide provides an introduction to Electrodermal Activity (EDA or GSR) and details topics including:

  • EDA Complex: SCL, SCR, tonic, phasic, specific SCR, non-specific SCR
  • Participant Prep & Electrode Placement
  • Data Recording tips
  • Automated EDA Analysis Routines
    • Digital input to Stim Events
    • Stim-Response Analysis
    • Derive Phasic EDA from Tonic
    • Event-related EDA Analysis
    • Locate SCRs
    • Cycle Detector & Analysis
    • Preference Options for custom analysis parameters
  • EDA Measurement Tools – Mean, Value, Standard Deviation, Delta, Delta T, Min, Max Mean Amplitude of Events, Number of Events
  • Hardware options for wired, wireless, logged, or MRI protocols with reusable or disposable EDA accessories
  • Links to additional EDA tutorial videos and citations

Download the EDA Guide now to understand & optimize EDA data!


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