Electrocardiography Guide Now Available

How to record ECG EKG
BIOPAC’s comprehensive Introductory ECG Guide addresses fundamental to advanced concerns to optimize electrocardiography data recording and analysis.

Topics include: ECG Complex; Electrical and Mechanical Sequence of a Heartbeat; Systole and Diastole; Configurations for Lead I, Lead II, Lead III, 6-lead ECG, 12-lead ECG, precordial leads; Ventricular Late Potentials (VLPs); ECG Measurement Tools; Automated Analysis Routines for extracting, enhancing and adding events to ECG (EKG) data—HRV, ICG, ABP, BRS, etc.

The guide also provides hardware options for wired, wireless, wearable, logged, or MRI protocols with reusable or disposable accessories.

See more and download your ECG Guide here.


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