S08 EOG 1

In EOG 1, students record horizontal eye movement and observe eye fixation and tracking. Students perform a number of tasks that allow them to record the duration of saccades and fixation. Students also record spatial position of eye movements.

Experimental Objectives

  1. Record EOG on the horizontal plane and compare eye movements under the following conditions: pendulum tracking, pendulum simulation, reading silently, reading aloud, and reading challenging material.
  2. Measure duration of saccades and fixation during reading.
  3. Optional: explore microsaccadic eye movement.

Tasks Performed by the Student

  • Record horizontal EOG.
  • Track pendulum movement with eyes only, trying not to move head or blink.
  • Simulate pendulum movement (decreasing swing cycles) with eyes only.
  • Read Passage 1 (easily understandable material) silently (to self) for 20 seconds.
  • Read Passage 2 (challenging material) silently (to self) for 20 seconds.
  • Read Passage 1 aloud.
  • Optional: Focus on an on-screen guide; position of guide represents point of focus.


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Student Prep & Distance Learning

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