Cognixion Axon-R

Groundbreaking Technology for Neuroscience & Brain Researchers

Axon-R is a powerful new research tool for cognitive behavior and brain function manipulation studies. Precise detection and interpretation of neural signals make this wearable BCI suitable for an array of immersive protocols—Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality

Axon-R wearable BCI platformIntroducing a breakthrough brain-computer interface platform for researchers that combines augmented reality, EEG, and artificial intelligence in a novel, self-contained headset. Researchers equipped with the Cognixion Axon-R® can expand beyond the confines of standard laboratories, engaging in immersive and interactive studies that leverage multimodal interaction, augmented reality, and brain sensing.

  • Axon-R enables precise measurement and modulation of brain activity through visual stimuli, biofeedback, and neurofeedback.
  • Wearable device offers up to 16 channels of research-quality physiological data and an integrated steady state visually evoked potential classifier.

Review Axon-R System Overview and Axon-R System Specifications for more details.

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Cognixion Axon-R BCI for neuroscience and motor control

Axon-R will enhance a broad spectrum of research studies…

There are significant implications for researchers working in the brain computer interface, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, neurofeedback, neurological conditions/injuries, cognitive processes, wellness, and communications fields.

Human-Computer Interaction and Accessibility
Developing accessible interfaces and immersive user experiences.
Testing Areas: Hands-free controls, accessibility for disabilities, immersive gaming.
Axon-R’s Suitability: Integration of EEG with AR for intuitive and responsive interactions.

Medical and Clinical Applications
Use in clinical diagnostics, rehabilitation, and monitoring of neurological conditions.
Testing Areas: Stroke recovery, epilepsy monitoring, cognitive rehabilitation.
Axon-R’s Suitability: Medical-grade components, adaptability for patient-specific applications, and data security for clinical environments.

Safety and Environmental Control
Enhancing safety in high-risk jobs and smart environment control.
Testing Areas: Fatigue detection, automated safety responses, and smart home integrations.
Axon-R’s Suitability: Passive monitoring capabilities and integration with external systems.

Wellness and Mental Health
Addressing mental health through brain wellness exercises and mood tracking.
Testing Areas: Stress management, meditation, mood assessment, and brain training games.
Axon-R’s Suitability: Passive and active BCI capabilities for real-time mood and cognitive state assessment.

Neuroscience and Cognitive Research
Investigating brain functions, cognitive processes, and neural responses.
Testing Areas: Memory, attention, perception, and cognitive load.
Axon-R’s Suitability: Precise EEG and AR capabilities for real-time monitoring and interaction studies.

Educational and Training Tools
Enhancing learning experiences and operational training.
Testing Areas: Adaptive learning materials, skill acquisition, and language learning.
Axon-R’s Suitability: User-friendly interface, adaptive content delivery based on EEG readings.

Entertainment and Personalization
Creating immersive and personalized entertainment experiences.
Testing Areas: Adaptive gaming, mood-based media control, and interactive virtual environments.
Axon-R’s Suitability: Adaptive and active BCI features for responsive and engaging user experiences.

Cognixion is on a mission to build adaptive AI-powered technology that enhances human abilities in the real world, and in virtual worlds. This includes interacting with digital content and applications using the mind directly. They are pioneering advanced AI that acts as a digital twin for people with disabilities to make certain tasks possible and life easier. Cognixion Axon-R is a research device built for human physiology researchers.
—Andreas Forsland, Founder and CEO

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