New Citations | BIOPAC in Human Physiology and 4T|Phys Recap

We had the opportunity to meet lots of researchers at our 4T|Phys Human Physiology Conference this month and demonstrate solutions for life science studies. We presented 39 unique skills sessions, including sessions on measuring blood pressure, recording HRV, and utilizing VR. These studies all apply these skills and further demonstrate how to apply our equipment…

Stress in Hazardous OperationsReal-Time Personalized Physiologically Based Stress Detection for Hazardous Operations. IEEE Access11, 25431-25454. Finseth, T. T., Dorneich, M. C., Vardeman, S., Keren, N., & Franke, W. D. (2023).

This study evaluated the effectiveness of a personalized model for stress-detection, an asset used when training for hazardous operations. Heart rate, blood pressure, electrodermal activity, and respiration were assessed in healthy participants as they completed tasks with three levels of stressors. Researchers used our BioNomadix BioShirt to record ECG and respiration, as well as an NIBP cuff to record blood pressure.

Efficacy and Validity of the Elite HRV Smartphone Application During Slow-Paced Breathing. Vondrasek, J. D., Riemann, B. L., Grosicki, G. J., & Flatt, A. A. (2023).

Researchers wanted to know if the application Elite HRV could accurately record HRV during its guided slow-paced breathing. In order to determine accuracy, they recorded participants’ RR intervals using the app and ECG electrodes simultaneously. HRV values were then computed and compared.

A pilot study investigating affective forecasting biases with a novel virtual reality-based paradigm. Scientific Reports13(1), 9321. Loisel-Fleuriot L, Fovet T, Bugnet A, Creupelandt C, Wathelet M, Szaffarczyk S, Duhem S, Vaiva G, Horn M, & D’Hondt F. (2023).

Research shows that people overestimate the impact that future events will have on them, so these researchers used VR to test this hypothesis. Participants predicted their responses to a variety of unpleasant, neutral, and pleasant scenarios. Each participant was then exposed to each scenario through virtual reality and their autonomic patterns were recorded. BIOPAC’s data acquisition system with AcqKnowledge software was used along with wireless BioNomadix transmitters to record and analyze EDA and HR signals.

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