New Citations | BIOPAC in Exercise Studies

Research in exercise can help us to understand how our bodies function and how to maximize performance. Here are some recent studies that used BIOPAC tools to look at ways to improve exercise recovery and sports performance…

Effects of Percussive Massage Treatments on Symptoms Associated with Eccentric Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (23), 126 – 135. Trevor D. Roberts, Pablo B. Costa, Scott K. Lynn, Jared W. Coburn. (2024).

Researchers studied the effect of percussive massage (PM) on maximal isometric torque (MIT), range of motion (ROM), and soreness of the non-dominant bicep in college subjects after eccentric exercise. EMG signals were recorded during MIT testing, using BIOPAC’s EMG amplifier. The study concluded that “PM may acutely reduce perceived muscle soreness and increase ROM without affecting maximal isometric strength performance or muscle activation.”

The Influence of Cold Therapy on the Physical Working Capacity at the Electromyographic Threshold for Consecutive Exercise Sessions.  Bioengineering11(3), 292. Maasri, R. E., Jarvie, J. R., Karski, J. S., Smith, L. J., & Malek, M. H. (2024).

This study looked at the effects of cold therapy on neuromuscular fatigue. They had subjects perform single-leg knee extensions and varied whether they followed with rest alone, or rest combined with a cold pack. Researchers recorded EMG to determine neuromuscular fatigue and compared results from both with the cold pack and without.

Hitting weighted baseball enhances the experience of bat–ball contacts. Sports Biomechanics23(6), 728-739. Yang, W. W., Liu, Y. C., Chen, W. H., Tai, H. H., Sato, K., Ma, H. P., & Liu, C. (2024).

In this study, researchers investigated whether hitting a stationary weighted ball could replicate the feeling of hitting a moving baseball to improve bat-ball contact. They investigated swing velocity, wrist vibration, and forearm muscle activation to get their findings using a tri-axial accelerometer.

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