Cardiac Output Lesson updated for BSL 4

Students learn impedance cardiography techniques by recording data from their own bodies with a BSL System and Impedance Cardiography Lesson H21.

The guided procedure begins with an extensively updated introduction that covers Cardiac Output as a Function of Stroke Volume and Heart Rate, Cardiac Output as Related to Mean Arterial Pressure and Peripheral Resistance, How to Determine Cardiac Output, Principles of Impedance Cardiography (ICG), and Ideas for eliciting cardiovascular responses through psychological tasks and physical maneuvers.
Data is recorded with Subjects supine and standing, with optional active learning segments that allow students to experiment with other ways to elicit cardiovascular responses.

Analysis examines the change in cardiovascular responses to postural changes, and examines how HR and SV interact to maintain CO. Recorded measures include LVET, Stroke Volume, Heart Rate (BPM), and Cardiac Output.

cardiac output data

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