BIOPAC Webinar: Get Great EDA Data–Part 2: Analysis

BIOPAC, the world’s leader in life science data recording, is hosting our second free webinar on obtaining great Electrodermal Activity (EDA) data on May 19th, 2016.  This webinar will focus on analysis of EDA data.


EDA App EDA BN-Logger data

Who should attend: Researchers in university or commercial settings who need to accurately record and analyze EDA for experiments.

What you will learn: How to analyze great electrodermal activity data

  • Manual EDA artifact removal
  • Automated EDA artifact recognition and removal
  • Using scripts and batch processing
  • Additional analysis techniques
  • In additional, unanswered questions we received during registration for the first webinar will be addressed.

This webinar is brought to you courtesy of BIOPAC.

View Part 1 of this series,  recorded webinar here.  Part 1 portion covers:

How to record great electrodermal activity (EDA) data:

  • Participant preparation
  • Proper setup
  • Common mistakes
  • Identifying artifacts in the data and how to fix them
  • Identifying skin conductance responses

REGISTER for Part 2 of this webinar: EDA Analysis here.


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