BIOPAC Solutions featured on “The Brain with David Eagleman”

PBS Iowa Gambling Task EDA MP160 BIOPAC

Dr. Richard Tunney running the Iowa Gambling Task experiment

Dr. Richard Tunney’s research with BIOPAC Systems were profiled in a recent episode of “The Brain with David Eagleman” on PBS. Episode 4 of the series investigated decision-making and the physiological factors that effect it.

Dr. Tunney’s research is shown in the fourth section of the episode where he runs an experiment called the “Iowa Gambling Task.” The participant is tasked with making the most amount of money from four different card decks that are each individually setup to give a certain amount of money. As the participant starts to identify the highest value decks, their physiological factors will predict their conclusions before they do. Subject EDA was recorded while they were working on the computer by a BIOPAC MP150 system and EDA100C amplifier.

The episode is available to watch in segments on the PBS website.


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