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BIOPAC Now Offers Practical Lab Instruction for Remote Students to Learn Physiology during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Distance Learning Solutions for a Hands-on Lab Experience

GOLETA, California (May 21, 2020) – BIOPAC Systems announced a new solution for university level educators seeking solutions for practical lab learning in an independent setting due to stay-at-home restrictions and social distancing rules. The premier life science education system, Biopac Student Lab, has been expanded with a specialized independent learning module (BSL-HOME) available for Fall 2020 instruction.

Students utilizing BSL-HOME will be shipped individual data acquisition units designed specifically for learning, along with leads, electrodes, and accompanying Biopac Student Lab software. Students will learn by doing—they are guided through lessons with step-by-step instructions in the software. Once they have collected the data, they submit it to the instructor for review and feedback. Students ship the device back to BIOPAC for testing and sanitizing when the lab work is completed.

Educators can instruct students via any online conference software, and either let students follow the established lesson plans teaching physiology or develop their own custom lessons with the tools available to each student. BIOPAC manages student orders, delivery logistics, consumables, support, and safe handling of all items. This specialized approach fosters an independent lab, whether students are at home, in the dorm room, or eventually on campus.

“It’s vital to preserve student access to practical science in the pandemic,” says Frazer Findlay, CEO of BIOPAC. “We’ve reworked our existing educational infrastructure into a distributed solution for students to gain practical lab experience from their home learning environments.”

Biopac Student Lab Home includes a small, lightweight, hand-held device with integrated software. The single-channel device is easy to use for students learning how to collect and analyze physiology data. BSL-HOME includes: the BSL-HOME hardware and software (BSL4​), a quick start guide and digital manual​, electrodes, and a Distance Learning Consultation with BIOPAC to ensure success.

On May 28th, a live webinar—Save the Physiology Practical Lab with BSL-HOME—will include tips for remote teaching, a demo, and Q&A about how students can get hands-on practical lab experience.

BSL-HOME Remote Learning Kits will begin shipping for Fall 2020 instructional periods. Contact your BIOPAC representative for more information.

Media Contact:

Brenda Dentinger
BIOPAC Systems, Inc.
42 Aero Camino
Goleta, CA 93117 USA

805-685-0066 ext. 151


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