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BIOPAC announces Research System trainings in UK

BIOPAC Systems Europe and Linton Instrumentation (BIOPAC Distributor) are hosting Research Training Seminars in the United Kingdom this June.

Attendance is limited on a first come, first served basis to allow time to focus on user issues.

BIOPAC training

Basic Seminars will cover topics such as hardware and software setup, subject preparation, data acquisition demonstration, data analysis and more.  Advanced Seminars topics include automated analysis tools, using scripts, and hands-on exercises. All seminars include a Question & Answer session, and users can provide example data files to be discussed.

Cost is One Day £190.00 (ex VAT) or Two Days £255.00 (ex VAT). Attendees will be entitled to purchase an AcqKnowledge upgrade for their existing Research System at half the normal price.

Places will be limited—to reserve your place or inquire about the seminars, please contact Aleksandar Dimov at or Rob Jones at without delay.

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