BioNomadix Wireless Physiology Sensors used in Love Lab

BioNomadix wireless ECG

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Paul Zak, who runs a “love lab” at Claremont Graduate University and is also known as Dr. Love, says, “Love is chemical, so we can measure brain activity and find out who not only is attracted to each other, but who’s long-term compatible with each other.” As featured on the TODAY¬†show, he ran scientific tests on three couples to see if their love is true:

  • The Zest Test: Couples were connected to BIOPAC’s BioNomadix wireless sensors to track their heartbeats and measure how much they were sweating in real time; researchers also monitored their levels of oxytocin (the chemical released when you trust someone).
  • The Visual Attention Test: Eye tracking googles tracked their focus as couples viewed side by side images of their partner and an attractive stranger.
  • The Smell Test: Couples exercised to work up a sweat and then were blindfolded before smelling participants and rating who they were attracted to most.


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BIOPAC is pleased to recognize the first-author contribution of Viktoriya Babenko,...

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