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BioNomadix Logger Available—Physiology Data Anywhere, Anytime

Physiology Data Logger

New! Wearable, Wireless Logger – Physiology data where and when you want it!

Record physiological data from subjects as they live their life so you get the real-world data your application demands.

The new BioNomadix® Logger allows researchers to record data from any BioNomadix dual-channel wearable device. The BioNomadix Logger provides a color display for visual feedback,speaker for auditory feedback, vibration for haptic feedback, voice journal for participant comments, event markers, alarms, and a built-in accelerometer.

The new BioNomadix Loggers wirelessly record data for transfer to a computer running AcqKnowledge® for data analysis. Available physiology signals include:

BioNomadix has been successfully used in hundreds of labs worldwide with thousands of channels of data recorded. The new logger increases the potential of BioNomadix and allows you to expand the complexity of your experiment design.

AcqKnowledge software includes powerful automation, scoring, and measurement tools to help you interpret data for meaningful results—as cited in thousands of peer-reviewed publications.

For a complete, cost-effective and easy-to-use yet sophisticated life science data acquisition & analysis system, combine the new Logger with BioNomadix wireless transmitters and BIOPAC’s MP150 Data Acquisition System, AcqKnowledge software, and accessories.

Request a demo or request more information today!

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