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Wireless Heel/Toe Strike Transducer – BioNomadix


This BioNomadix transducer will record heel and toe strike activity as the subject walks. It includes a Heel/Toe Strike sensor (RX111)…

BioNomadix Wireless Clench Force Transducer


The BN-CLENCH-XDCR Clench Force (Bulb) Transducer measures force on the basis of the proportionality of clench force to pressure in the…

Respiration belt transducer BN-RSP-XDCR, SS5LB, TSD201

Wireless Respiration Transducer – BioNomadix


The BioNomadix Respiration Transducer records respiratory effort. Works with a BioNomadix BN-RSP2 or BN-RSPEC or Smart Amplifier RSP100D to measure changes…

pulse transducer

Wireless Pulse Transducers – BioNomadix


The Pulse transducer records the pulse pressure waveform; operates with the BioNomadix BN-PPGED or Smart Amplifier PPG100D. The transducer consists of…

BioNomadix Skin Temperature Transducer

Wireless Temperature Transducers – BioNomadix


Use the Skin Temperature transducer to record skin temperature on a variety of body locations. Use it with the BioNomadix SKT…

BioNomadix Dual Goniometer Transmitter

BioNomadix 2CH Wireless Goniometry Transmitter

Part #: BN-GONIO-T

The BioNomadix two channel wireless goniometry amplifier is a dual output device that provide simultaneous measurements around two orthogonal rotational axes…

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless SKT Transmitter

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless SKT Transmitter

Part #: BN-SKT2-T

The Dual Wireless Skin Temperature BioNomadix Transmitter records one or two channels of temperature data; the device is typically used to measure…

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless EOG Transmitter

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless EOG Transmitter

Part #: BN-EOG2-T

The Dual Wireless EOG BioNomadix Transmitter is specifically designed to measure two channels of Electrooculogram (EOG) data. EOG signal data is transmitted…

Wireless ECG and Respiration transmitter

BioNomadix Wireless RSP with ECG Transmitter

Part #: BN-RSPEC-T

The Dual Wireless Respiration and ECG BioNomadix Transmitter is optimized for respiration and electrocardiogram data; record one or both signals with…

BioNomadix 2Ch EMG Transmitter

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless EMG Transmitter

Part #: BN-EMG2-T

The Dual Wireless EMG BioNomadix Transmitter is specifically designed to measure one or two channels of Electromyogram (EMG) data. EMG data…

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless RSP Transmitter

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless RSP Transmitter

Part #: BN-RSP2-T

The Dual Wireless Respiration BioNomadix Transmitter is specifically designed to measure respiratory effort associated with circumferential changes in the thoracic or…

Bionomadix 2 Ch EGG Transmitter

BioNomadix 2Ch Wireless EGG Transmitter

Part #: BN-EGG2-T

The Dual Wireless EGG BioNomadix Transmitter is a module specifically designed to measure Electrogastrogram (EGG) data—the peristaltic, wavelike contractions of the…

BioNomadix Wireless PPG and EDA/ GSR Transmitter

BioNomadix Wireless PPG and EDA Transmitter

Part #: BN-PPGED-T

The Wireless Photo Plethysmogram (PPG) and Electrodermal Activity (EDA/GSR) BioNomadix Transmitter combines these two measurements because they are typically performed…

BN Dynamom. & EMG Transmitter

BioNomadix Wireless Pressure-Based Dynamometer with EMG Transmitter


The Wireless Dynamometry-EMG BioNomadix Transmitter can be used with the Logger or a matched Receiver to measure one or both signals. Pressure-based Dynamometry—the dynamometer input directly…

BN-NICO Transmitter

BioNomadix Wireless Cardiac Output Transmitter

Part #: BN-NICO-T

The BioNomadix Wireless NICO Transmitter provides noninvasive cardiac output measurements—it’s specifically designed to measure impedance magnitude and derivative of impedance, for the purposes…