EPOCH Wireless in vivo recording

Wireless Long-Term EEG, EMG, or ECG System for Rats, Mice, or Pups

EPOCH transmitters and BIOPAC DAQ

Epoch Transmitters amplify and transmit high-fidelity EEG or EMG (2-channel) or ECG (single-channel) data

  • Small implants are uniquely suited for neonatal and adult rodent recording
    • two-week transmitter (EEG only) suitable for pre-weaned rodents less than postnatal day 21 (mice as young as P10, rat P6)
    • two-month transmitter suitable for mice as young as postnatal day 12 and older OR rats as young as postnatal day 7 and older
    • six-month transmitter suitable for adult rats

Complete systems include a receiver tray, two implantable sensor transmitters, Faraday cage, and interface cables to collect data from rodent housed in an industry-standard home cage.


To record, the animal’s cage is simply placed on top of the receiver tray with the implanted animal inside of the cage. Data from the sensor is telemetered to the receiving tray and then sent to the data acquisition system. BNC connections easily connect to a BIOPAC MP160 data acquisition system or 3rd-party devices capable of accepting signals within the ±5 V range. Additional transmitters available—just move the receiver tray to record from multiple home cages.

When used with an MP Research System, use the power of AcqKnowledge software’s automation and scoring tools to identify events (including seizures), predefine and control recording protocols, or set triggers based on external events (dosing, light changes, etc.). After recording, use automated analysis routines to quickly score multiple channels of ECG or EEG data simultaneously for industry-standard measures.

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