B-Alert Cognitive State Analysis

B-Alert X10 Cognitive State Analysis

Software add-on with proprietary metrics for Engagement, Workload, Drowsiness, and more Classify Cognitive States with this analysis software add-on for B-Alert Systems (Windows 7/XP OS only). The Cognitive States Analysis software  provides real-time monitoring of fatigue, stress, confusion, engagement and workload with fully customizable gauges. Metrics classify data from B-Alert Wireless EEG systems. The GUI intuitively represents both the raw and processed data for easy understanding. Cognitive States Software also provides access to accelerometry data.

This cognitive states analysis software add-on(B-Alert X10 sold separately)  and the B-Alert X10 are components of a complete data acquisition and analysis system when used with BIOPAC’s AcqKnowledge software, the MP data analysis and acquisition hardware platforms, amplifiers and other system elements.