BSL Biology Teaching System

Biology Teaching System with Integrated Hardware, Software, & Curriculum

With over five million successful lab hours in classrooms around the world, the BIOPAC Student Lab (BSL) Bioplogy system offers the most meaningful, flexible biology lab experience for both students and instructors. BIOPAC systems provide a complete solution with hardware, software, and curriculum for higher education biology laboratories and other life science applications.

  • 53+ lessons targeted for Biology
  • Respiratory and Pulmonary Function
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Dissolved O2
  • Gas Analysis (O2 and CO2)
  • Oxygen uptake
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cardiac Output (Bioimpedance)
  • Stroke Volume
  • Tissue Baths
  • Force
  • Calorimeter Interface
  • Pulse
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity
  • Colorimetry

The Biopac Student Lab Biology System can record signals from cells, organs, insects, animals and human subjects to facilitate a spectrum of application opportunities. The system has new options for pH, dissolved oxygen and calorimetry (connections & software features). A wide range of lessons covers the cardiovascular, immune, respiratory, pulmonary, metabolic, digestive and nervous systems. User-friendly recording options and analysis tools promote student inquiry and active learning. Employ new software options to develop new lessons specifically tailored to unique course material.

The Biopac Student Lab Biology System includes:

  • BSL 4 Software (Lessons and PRO) 
  • BSL Laboratory Manual MANBSL4
  • Searchable PDF Manuals and Tutorials (BSL PRO, Instructor’s Guide, Answer Key, etc)
  • MP36 Data Acquisition Unit with USB Cable, DC Adapter (110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz) & Cord (US or Euro)
  • 2 x Electrode Lead Sets – SS2LB
  • Disposable Electrodes (100/pk) – EL503
  • Abrasive Pads (10/pk) – ELPAD
  • Airflow Filters (10/pk)- AFT1
  • Airflow Mouthpieces (10/pk)- AFT2
  • Airflow Nose Clips (10/pk)- AFT3
  • Airflow Transducer- SS11LA
  • BP Cuff Transducer- SS19LB
  • Calibration Syringe (600 ml)- AFT6A
  • Colored Paper (for BSL Lesson 9)- PAPER1
  • Dissolved O2 Probe Interface (compatible with RXPROBE-O2 or Vernier)- BSL-TCI16
  • EDA (GSR) Lead- SS57L
  • EDA (Isotonic) Electrodes (100/pk)- EL507
  • Electrode Gel- GEL1
  • Electronic Stethoscope Transducer- SS30L
  • Force Transducer- SS12LA
  • Hand Dynamometer- SS25LA
  • Hand Switch- SS10L
  • Headphones- OUT1
  • High-impedance Cable- BSLCBL9
  • Multi-Lead ECG Cable- SS29L
  • Needle Electrodes x 3- EL452
  • Nerve Chamber- NERVE2
  • pH Probe Interface- BSL-TCI21
  • Pressure Transducer- SS13L
  • Pulse Transducer- SS4LA
  • Recording Nerve Cable- BSLCBL4B
  • Respiratory Effort Transducer- SS5LB
  • Stimulator- BSLSTM
  • Stim. Electrode for humans- HSTM01
  • Stim. Electrode for animals- ELSTM2
  • Stimulator Nerve Cable- BSLCBL2A
  • Surgical Tape- TAPE1
  • Temperature Transducer- SS6L

Perform 52 or more lessons with this core package:


  • A02 Frog Gastrocnemius
  • A05 Visceral Smooth Muscle
  • A11 Resting Potential from Crawdad Manual
  • A15 Earthworm Smooth Muscle
  • BSL1 Standard & Integrated EMG
  • BSL2 Motor Unit Recruitment & Fatigue
  • H06 Finger Twitch
  • H07 EMG Contractions – Active Learning
  • H27 Facial EMG
  • H34 EGG Electrogastrogram
  • H36 Muscular Biofeedback


  • A04 Frog Heart
  • BSL5 Components of the ECG (Lead II)
  • BSL6 Leads I, II, III & Einthoven’s Law
  • BSL7 ECG & Pulse
  • BSL16 Blood Pressure & Korotkoff Sounds
  • BSL17 Heart Sounds & Cardiac Events
  • H01 12-lead ECG
  • H04 BP Response to Straining
  • H05 WAnT Wingate Test
  • H08 Dive Reflex – Active Learning
  • H23 Signal Averaged ECG
  • H32 Heart Rate Variability

Pulmonary Function

  • A07 Dissolved O2 (goldfish)with your probe
  • BSL8 Respiratory Cycle
  • BSL12 Pulmonary Function: Vol. & Capacities
  • BSL13 Pulmonary Flow Rates: FEV and MVV
  • BSL15 Aerobic Exercise Physiology


  • A01 Frog Pith & Prep
  • A03 Frog Nerve
  • A06 Cockroach Nerve
  • A08 Action Potential-Earthworm
  • A09 Turtle Heart
  • A14 CPG Hornworm
  • BSL3 EEG Relaxation & Brain Rhythms
  • BSL4 Alpha Rhythms in the Occipital Lobe
  • BSL9 GSR and Polygraph
  • BSL10 EOG Eye Movement, Saccades & Fixation
  • BSL11 Reaction Time
  • BSL14 Biofeedback: Relaxation & Arousal
  • H03 Nerve Conduction (ulnar nerve)
  • H10 EEG & Hemispheric Asymmetry
  • H11 Mirror Test EDA Sensory motor learning
  • H12 EOG Saccades & Displacement
  • H13 EOG Visual Tracking vs. Imagination
  • H14 Ocular Fixation while reading
  • H15 Ocular Fixation while viewing an image
  • H16 Reflexes & Reaction Time – Active Learning
  • H24 Habituation

Biomedical Engineering

  • H02 Compartmental modeling
  • H20 Filtering
  • H33 FFT Fast Fourier

The Biopac Student Lab system is an integrated solution that allows students to record data from their own bodies, animals, or tissue preparations. Easy to use yet powerful enough for advanced research applications, the Biopac Student Lab revolutionizes how students learn by eliminating complex setup tasks and letting them focus on learning the subject.

One of the more complicated concepts for students to grasp is the fact that electricity is flowing throughout a living body at all times and that it is possible to use the signals to measure the performance and health of individual parts of the body. The Biopac Student Lab system helps to explain the concept and allows students to understand physiology.

Free Student Download – Students can use this free BSL software to prepare for class by reading lessons or watching videos, and can also analyze, share, and submit data.

Biopac Student Lab software—Powerful and flexible, yet easy to use, BSL 4 software allows students to get started right away. To run a lesson, simply select it from a menu. With easy software and hardware setup, students can focus on scientific principles, not procedure. BSL is provided in English and French; Translations of BSL 3.7.3 for Windows are available in Chinese (Traditional), Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Thousands of undergraduate labs worldwide use the Biopac Student Lab to teach physiology, pharmacology, biology, neuroscience, psychology, exercise physiology, and biomedical engineering. Click here for the BSL User List.

Publishers have adopted the curriculum materials and included them in commercially available published lab manuals.