Needle Electrodes

Ndl electrode Unipolar 37mm TP

Needle Electrodes for Stimulation & Recording in Animals & Tissue Preparations

EL450 series stainless steel needle electrodes are equipped with a flexible lead terminating in standard Touchproof connection. Teflon coated needle electrodes are fully insulated, with a clear Teflon overcoat, except for the conductive needle tip. Bipolar concentric 25 mm, Unipolar 12 mm, and Unipolar 37 mm with Touchproof connectors needle electrodes are available.  

  • For stimulation, use a pair of EL450 or EL452 electrodes
  • When recording from a single site (e.g. studies of individual muscle fibers), use one EL451 electrode plus one EL452 ground electrode
  • For general-purpose recording, use a pair of EL450 or EL452 electrodes, plus one EL452 ground electrode
  • For biopotential recordings (such as ECG), scrape the Teflon coating to maximize contact area

Interface Notes

  • For connection to interface an MP3X or MP45 data acquisition unit, use SS1LA, BSLCBL8, or BSLCBL9
  • For connection to older model 100A/100B-series amplifiers or STMISOA/B, use CBL201

When used with the Biopac Student Lab system’s hardware, software, and curriculum, these needle electrodes are part of a complete life science teaching system.