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Comparing Diaphragm Tissue Between Healthy and Ill Patients

The human diaphragm is one of the primary muscles used in respiration, contracting and expanding to control breathing. To measure how much diaphragms move for critically ill patients (in an Intensive Care Unit) compared to diaphragms in a healthy subject, patients at “Papageorgiou” General Hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece were measured using Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI). TDI uses electrocardiography to measure tissue velocity, and were measured in conjunction with Polydispersity index (PDI), which tracks the molecular weight of gas released, in this case each breath out. PDI was tracked in this study using a TSD104A Pressure Transducer. Read More: Tissue Doppler Imaging of the Diaphragm in Healthy Subjects and Critically Ill Patients (Eleni Soilemezi, Savvoula Savvidou, Panagiota Sotiriou, Dimitrios Smyrniotis, Matthew Tsagourias, Dimitrios Matamis)

Measuring how Stress Affects Respiration with Kinect & BIOPACMeasuring Pulmonary Function with BIOPAC

Psychological stress is a well known trigger to affect respiration, or breathing rate. This study induced psychological stress in subjects and measured their reactions using a Microsoft Kinect depth sensing camera, commonly used as a periphery device for the Xbox game console. True respiration was measured using BIOPAC’s wireless respiration transducer and belt connected to an MP-series Data Recorder. Read the full study: Respiratory signal and human stress: non-contact detection of stress with a low-cost depth sensing camera (Yuhao Shan, Shigang Li, Tong Chen)

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Associating Neural Activity with Suicidal/Self Harm Tendencies

Existing research shows that there are specific, similar cognitive states and behavioral traits for people at risk for self harm or suicide. While most of these traits (e.g. depression, anxiety, and other common indicators) can often be readily diagnosed, researchers wonder if there are deeper cognitive patterns that can be identified as commonalities between those deemed at-risk. A large study was run utilizing functional near-infrared spectroscopy on the prefrontal cortex during a series of cognitive tests. Read the full study: Neural Activity Across the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex and Risk for Suicidal Ideation and Self-Injury (Zarmeen Zahid, Liam McMahon & Michael Lynch)

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Ventilator Validation Kit

Ventilator Validation and Test Equipment

The Ventilator Validation Kit supports new prototype development, existing design validation for production testing, mobile field testing and verification, and other uses where accurate pressure and flow measurements are critical. The Ventilator Validation Kit provides ventilator manufacturers and prototype developers with a complete solution for validating new medical/hospital-grade ventilator products intended for human use. The VVK100-SYS includes […]

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New Citations | Logic Games and Meditation: the Key to Unlocking our Brains?

Studying Cognitive Activity with fNIR! The age-old game of chess is known as a thinking man’s game, where foresight, critical thinking, and strategy are required to become a good chess player, and the terms “genius” or “brilliance” are bestowed upon the chess masters of the world. As such, chess is an excellent cognitive tool to […]

Electrocardiography Guide Now Available

BIOPAC’s comprehensive Introductory ECG Guide addresses fundamental to advanced concerns to optimize electrocardiography data recording and analysis. Topics include: ECG Complex; Electrical and Mechanical Sequence of a Heartbeat; Systole and Diastole; Configurations for Lead I, Lead II, Lead III, 6-lead ECG, 12-lead ECG, precordial leads; Ventricular Late Potentials (VLPs); ECG Measurement Tools; Automated Analysis Routines for extracting, […]

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