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NEW! BioNomadix Wireless Physiology Monitoring

BioNomadix Wireless Physiology Monitoring

Powerful wireless, wearable physiology
monitoring devices for life science research

NEW! BioNomadix from BIOPAC

  • Full-bandwidth, high-quality data for a wide range of signals
  • Comfortable for the subject and empowering for the researcher
  • All the benefits of a wireless solution with the signal quality & integrity of a wired system
  • Uncompromised wireless physiological subject monitoring

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BIOPAC proudly introduces the new BioNomadix series of wireless, wearable physiology monitoring devices for life science research. BioNomadix noninvasively record high quality data while comfortably allowing subjects to move freely in natural indoor environments.

Developed and manufactured by BIOPAC Systems Inc., a leader in life science data acquisition and analysis, the BioNomadix line covers a wide range of physiology signals. BioNomadix devices use digital transmission and short leads placed close to the signal source to provide excellent signal quality. Amplifiers provide the full bandwidth and are suitable for applications such as heart rate variability.

ECG, EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, Electrodermal Activity, Accelerometry

Respiration, Respiration & Pulse, Temperature, Cardiac Output, Gyro

A BioNomadix device consists of two parts, a wireless transmitter that is worn by the subject to amplify and send the physiological data, and a receiver module. The transmitter unit uses short leads and electrodes or transducers for easy placement at any point of interest and easily attaches to the body with soft Velcro® straps included with the system.

BioNomadix are typically dual-channel units, offering either two of the same signal or a combination of signals. BioNomadix are configured for specific signal types. You don’t have to adjust settings on the hardware or software for high quality data.

Use with an MP Research System or 3rd-party data acquisition systems. Multiple BioNomadix can be used to provide the optimum signal combination for a research study requiring biopotential or transducer signals. When used with a BIOPAC MP System, up to 16 channels of BioNomadix data can be recorded for multi-subject or multi-parameter protocols. The system also works with multiple MP150 systems or third-party data acquisition hardware via an isolated power supply module.

AcqKnowledge software adds the power of sophisticated automation and scoring routines for each signal type, plus customization options.

BioNomadix accessory items include transducers, electrode leads, straps, and a custom, pocketed sports shirt to comfortably hold multiple devices in place. The shirt has zippers placed for easy access to electrode sites and is available from extra small to extra large.

BioNomadix – Wireless Physiology

Transmitter-Receiver Pairs Transducers

Electrode Leads Accessories

BioNomadix Shirt

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Released 11.14.2010
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