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BIOPAC life science research data acquisition and analysis including MRI-compatible solutions Physiology teaching labs - data acquisition and analysis for life science education

Data Acquisition & Analysis Systems for Life Science Research

Cited in thousands of peer-reviewed journal articles!

MP data acquisition and analysis systems with AcqKnowledge® provide a flexible tool for research labs. Use the modular data acquisition system with BIOPAC amplifiers, transducers, and accessories or existing equipment.

New wireless systems include BioNomadix® physiology monitoring devices for ECG, EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, Respiration, Temperature, Pulse, EDA, Impedance Cardiography, Gyro, and Accelerometery.

Lab solutions include noninvasive blood pressure, stimulators & stimulus presentation, systems for use with MRI, fNIR optical brain imaging, cognitive state metrics, Virtual Reality systems, gas analysis, and tissue bath systems, plus data logging and telemetry.


Research-Quality Tools for Life Science Education

"...these systems have successfully transformed the physiology laboratory."

The Biopac Student Lab® system is an integrated solution that allows students to record data from their own bodies, animals, or tissue preparations. Complete systems include hardware, software, and curriculum for life science education.

Biopac Student Lab provides inquiry-based active learning systems for 4-year, 2-year and graduate programs, distance learning, medical schools, nursing programs, and secondary education. BSL is the ideal solution for A&P labs and a great way to add physiology experiments to any lab program. Ask about new BSL MP45 (2-channel) physiology teaching systems.

Simplify your labs & empower students with Biopac Student Lab solutions for data acquisition and analysis!

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