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WIreless, wearable BioNomadix Systems

BioNomadix Systems
Wireless, wearable physiology

Mobita wireless EEG

Mobita Wearable Biopotentials
32 channels of EEG—wirelessly!


Wireless Eye Tracking
Easily synchronize with physiology data

fNIR Optical Brain Imaging Sensor

fNIR Imaging
Affordable cognitive assessment


Today’s research laboratories need powerful, flexible, integrated, and easy-to-implement systems solutions to satisfy the needs of multiple experiments acquiring a wide variety of physiological signals for multiple researchers.

BIOPAC research systems are the ideal answer to this challenge and are the core components of a modern facility. BIOPAC’s full range of systems support a wide range of experiment protocols—from the simple to the complex—and are engineered to allow researchers of varying experience levels the ability to acquire, analyze, and interpret scientific data. Complete solutions are available, or starter systems can be easily expanded to meet developing needs.

BIOPAC tethered data acqusitionBIOPAC wireless dataMRI safe hardware

Human or animal, wired, wireless, wearable or MRI—BIOPAC provides a complete hardware/software combination to meet your specific experiment’s needs. In addition to a full line of in-lab, wired solutions, our wireless physiology measurement solutions ensure greater human subject comfort and freedom of movement. And, using extensive and special domain knowledge, BIOPAC offers a series of electrodes, electrode leads, cables, transducers, and stimulus options for safe data acquisition of physiological signals in the MRI environment.

BIOPAC’s high-quality tools for physiology measurement and interpretation are backed by world-class support and BIOPAC’s long-term collaboration with customers to exchange domain-specific knowledge, perfect methodology, and achieve physiological understanding.

MP150 and MP36 research systems

MP150 System


MP36R System

16-channel core system with universal amplifier: one system, many applicationsWireless wearable Physiology—in lab or outCost-effective 4-channel system with built-in amplifier 
View MP150 SystemsView BioNomadix SystemsView MP36R Systems


B-Alert X10


32 channels of wireless EEG in the palm of your handWireless acquisition of 9 channels of high fidelity EEG plus ECG Lightweight, portable biological data logger and telemetry
View Mobita SystemsView B-Alert X10 SystemsView BioHarness Systems


Virtual Reality

Eye Tracking

AcqKnowledge software for implantable, wireless, small animal telemetryIntegrated virtual reality & physiological measurementEasy-to-integrate eye tracking
View AcqKnowledge for Stellar SystemsView complete VR SystemsView Eye Tracking Systems


Complete functional near infrared brain imaging
View fNIR Systems


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Stellar Telemetry with BIOPAC AcqKnowledge

AcqKnowledge for Stellar Telemetry

Easily Schedule, Record, and Analyze Stellar Telemetry Data with AcqKnowledge Intuitive Animal Scheduler: Easy-to-configure calendar display—Select a subset or complete range of animals for long term recordings of conscious, unrestrained animals Customizable Display: View Data in Multiple Display modes simultaneously; Signal Conditioning Tools include filtering and artifact removal AcqKnowledge: Multi-Animal, Multi-Channel simultaneous automated data analysis. […]

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 Acupuncture and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Researchers from University of Porto aimed to get results of the effect of acupuncture, as a treatment to Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) condition, and examine the benefits on the strength and nerve conduction improvements. To measure the nerve conduction and strength they used BIOPAC UIM100 module connected to a BIOPAC MP system with a […]

New BIOPAC Euro EDA Webinar Part 1 Recording, PowerPoint Slides, and Q&A Now Released

The BIOPAC Euro EDA webinar Part 1 “How to record great Electrodermal Activity data” recording, slides, and QA have just been made available to view. In this exclusive webinar, which was held Thursday April 21, BIOPAC experts presented ways to record great electrodermal activity data and covered: Participant preparation Proper setup Common mistakes Identifying artifacts in […]

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