BIOPAC Research Solutions | ECG

BIOPAC offers complete ECG and cardiology research solutions. Hardware platforms include wired, wireless, and MRI options for both human and animal research. Recording options are available for every scenario, in or out of the lab. AcqKnowledge software is an interactive, intuitive program that lets you instantly view, measure, analyze and transform ECG data. AcqKnowledge includes automated ECG analysis and scoring routines to simplify and standardize data processing: Classify heartbeats with a robust QRS detector; ECG interval extraction by automatically identifying and marking the points of the ECG complex; Locate ECG complex boundaries (for human or animal); Heart rate variability (conforms to international cardiology standards); Visually inspect  for  sequence patterns with a Poincare Plot; Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia: automatically measure max and min changes in heart rate during respiration; Ensemble average user selected segments of ECG data; Wavelet Denoising while maintaining the integrity of the source data; 3D Waterfall plot of a series of ECG cycles to visually highlight data anomalies; Automatic data reduction to manageable file sizes. Plus AcqKnowledge has many more ECG analysis tools, such as Ventricular Late Potentials, Heart Sounds, Chaos Analysis, ECG averaging, template analysis, automated noninvasive BP, Subject Mobility, Langendorff and Working Heart, Clustering analysis. BIOPAC’s ECG systems are used in top labs worldwide and have nearly 7,000 citations.