Focus Areas | AcqKnowledge Tutorial

Focus Areas is a powerful analysis tool available in AcqKnowledge 4.3 or above. Focus Areas allow the user to specify and mark areas of interest in the data for further analysis. Next, automated analysis routines or the cycle detector can be run specifically on the Focus Areas instead of the entire data file. This in-depth tutorial covers the basics of Focus Areas as well as specific examples for Automated BP Analysis (2:12), Automated EDA Analysis/ GSR analysis (5:52), Automated Ensemble Averaging (9:39), and Automated Find Cycle Analysis (13:20). AcqKnowledge Data Acquisition & Analysis Software

What’s New in AcqKnowledge 4.4

BIOPAC’s AcqKnowledge includes a variety of new analysis routines, user interface enhancements, and additional functionality. Some of the exciting new features include actigraphy (for sleep studies and general activity levels), baroreflex sensitivity analysis, estimated cardiac output from BP, EEG seizure detection, GPS integration, a new streamlined setup window, and more! These features are available in AcqKnowledge 4.4 and above. Contact BIOPAC today to learn more or upgrade AcqKnowledge Software Details