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SleepSign for Animals Upgrade to R2.13.263.807

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Users of older versions of SleepSign 2.0 may be eligible for an update to version 2.13 of SleepSign for Animal software by KISSEI.

NOTE: Version 2.13 is not the current shipping version of SleepSign Software. Current SleepSign software, Version 3, is available as a paid upgrade. Contact BIOPAC Support for details.

Updated software features offer significantly easier automatic scoring for beginners and more flexibility for expert users, including multi animal staging and FFT algorithm improvements.

SleepSign Version 2.13 automatic scoring offers the following new parameters:

Plus, you can now export all analysis parameters (stage graph, vigilance state parameters, average FFT, etc.) at the same time with a single click. This feature will accelerate your reporting process.

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