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UCSB MAT Presentation at BIOPAC June 7

A team of UCSB Media Arts and Technology (MAT) graduate students will present their end of year project at BIOPAC on Monday, June 7, 2010 at 12:15 PM.

The project, which examines principles associated with traditional Chinese medicine, involved the extensive use of BIOPAC equipment and software. The students employed the Network Data Transfer facility offered with the BIOPAC MP150 System to extract PPG data and then used this data to drive a visualizer based in MAXMSP.

UCSB’s MAT program is a transdisciplinary graduate program that fuses computer science, emergent media, engineering, and electronic music and digital art research, practice, production, and theory.

Alan Macy, BIOPAC co-founder and Director of R&D, spoke to the MAT Seminar Series on “Bioinformatics and the Human/Computer Interface” in April.

Seminar Abstract: The use of gestural information, such as hand movements, as a data input source to control computer-influenced environments has been around since the advent of the computer mouse. More recently, hand, arm and body movements are becoming increasingly used as data input via such devices as the Wii® Controller or iPhone®. New computer interfaces are becoming increasingly available which transform other biologically-generated activity into viable data input sources for computers. Human-sourced activity such as the biologically generated signals manifested by the heart, skeletal muscle, neuronal activity of the brain, eye movements, skin conductance or pulse are also viable input data sources for computers and provide a wealth of information not readily available via alternate means. Methods for collection, analysis and interpretation of these types of data will be presented.

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