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Social Cues, Taekwondo and Sickle Cells—New Citations

Taekwondo and Muscle Fatigue Analysis

Social Judgments and Brain Activity

International researchers have recently teamed up to quantify brain activity of both Canadian and Japanese participants in response to emotion rating tests with background social cues. They used a BIOPAC EEG100C along with MP150 Data Acquisition to obtain ERP data. The study found a significant difference in response activity between participants from each country, implying a disparity in social judgment across cultures on a neurological level. You can find the paper here.

Taekwondo and Muscle Fatigue

Exercise physiologists have analyzed the differences in fatigue levels between highly trained martial artists and non-athletes. The researchers used a BIOPAC Hand Grip Dynamometer with an MP Research System to gather grip strength data, and analyzed the results with AcqKnowledge software. The study described the disparity in hand strength as well as muscle fatigue and blood lactate levels between the groups. Read the entire study here.

Oxygen Consumption in Sickle Cell Patients

Researchers at Harvard have assessed the usefulness of non-invasive monitoring of oxygen transport in patients afflicted with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). They used a BIOPAC Airflow Transducer as well as an Oxygen Measurement Amplifier to observe oxygen consumption activity in SCD patients. The study suggests that non-invasive techniques are a viable and useful tool for learning more about SCD. Read the paper here.

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