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Amplifying the physiological signal close to the subject reduces noise artifact

BIOPAC’s new Smart Amplifiers measure biopotential and transducer signals and are designed for great data! Smart Amplifiers improve performance by amplifying the physiological signal close to the subject, which allows a high-level voltage connection to the data acquisition system and reduces noise artifact. Smart Amps easily attach to a subject’s body with self-adhering straps or clips.

Plus, AcqKnowledge software provides “smart” options for these derived measures:

ECG | Heart rate, RR interval, and R-wave amplitude
EDA | Phasic EDA
EEG | Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta, Gamma
EMG & fEMG | Integrated EMG, RMS
EOG | Derivative
PPG | Pulse rate
RSP | Respiration rate (normal breathing), elevated respiration rate

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New Integration > NIBP & BIOPAC Physiology Research System

Cardiovascular insights are much easier to achieve with this new integration from BIOPAC and CNSystems. The CNAP™ technology is now fully incorporated in a single BIOPAC amplifier for the MP160 system where it can be fully controlled by AcqKnowledge Software—optimized for research utilizing core CNAP clinical technology.

What you will learn:
• Correct equipment set up and operation
• Principles of the CNAP measurement technology
• How to get reproducible data
• How to interface equipment and optimize multiple measurements
• Automatic blood pressure analysis
• Application of the “Focus Areas” feature in AcqKnowledge Software

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