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Script 053 – Convert variable length TTL to unique markers




BIOPAC Developer - scripting, network data transfer, API, support

This script converts the variable length TTL data to a variable pulse magnitude waveform which can then be easily scored using the following analog channel logic borrowed from script 46:

Given a single digital channel for encoding different marker events, the length of the TTL pulse can be used to differentiate between different markers.

Given that the parallel port is capable of 1 msec resolution, a large number of event labels can be encoded using only a single channel. The procedure will Integrate the channel with the marker data using the channel itself to reset it; then multiply by the original data to get the variable magnitude waveform. An analog channel can be used to encode event markers for peaks in the data. For example, if the value is between 0 and 1, then the stim-response marker is placed with a label “0-1.” If the value is between 1 and 2, then we place the label “1-2″and so forth. The places a marker for all positive peaks in the data and then looks at a set time interval around each marker and depending on the MAX value, modifies the marker information.

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