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Thermode attachment

Thermode for Thermal Stimulation

Part #: TSD191

The TSD191 Thermode has a 30 mm x 30 mm contact area to deliver hot/cold thermal stimulation pulses when driven…

Hot Pulse Cold Pulse Stim

Thermal Stimulator


The STMTHERM is a thermal stimulator that can deliver both hot and cold temperature stimulation to a subject. The STMTHERM…

stimulus presentation for MRI or fMRI

Programmable Stimulation System for E-Prime and MRI or fMRI


Electrical stimulation system designed exclusively for MRI or fMRI The STMEPM-MRI Programmable Stimulation System for E-Prime allows a user to…

Field Stimulation Electrode – BNC


Tissue holder with built-in field stimulation electrodes; cable terminates in BNC to connect to BSLSTM or STM200 Stimulator to use…

Low Voltage Stimulator, BSL MP35

Part #: SS58L

Use the low voltage stimulator with any electrode or lead with a BNC connector (such as needle electrodes or clip…

haptic transdcuer

Haptic (Tactile) Stimulation Transducer

Part #: TSD190

The TSD190 is a haptic (tactile) stimulator that is ergonomically designed to strap onto a variety of body locations. It…


Current or Voltage Linear Isolated Stimulator


The STMISOLA Constant Current and Constant Voltage Isolated Linear Stimulator is used with an MP System to output either voltage…

Programmable Stimulation System for E-Prime

Part #: STMEPM

The STMEPM Programmable Stimulation System for E-Prime allows a user to interface the STMISOLA Stimulator with E-Prime to control the…

Programmable Stimulator Module

Stimulator Module

Part #: STM100C

The STM100C module provides pulse and waveform stimulus outputs for nerve conduction, evoked response (e.g. ABR studies audio stimulus-response (e.g.…

Field Stimulation Electrode – Safelead


Tissue holder with built-in field stimulation electrodes. Terminates in 1.5 mm Safelead connectors to work with STMISOLA Stimulator and 10-30 ml…

Constant Voltage Stimulator – Unipolar Pulse

Part #: STM200

The Constant Voltage Stimulator – Unipolar Pulse (STM200) has digital display, a keyed range switch (remove key for added safety),…

Stimulation-Response Analysis Software Module


Stimulation-Response Analysis Module Take Charge of Your Experimental Protocol with Fully Automated Routines! Use the Power of MP Research Systems and…

STMHUM Stimulator Hardware

Human-safe Stimulator 0-100 V

Part #: STMHUM

The STMHUM is a direct, human-safe stimulator that provides pulse output in the range of 0-100 V. The maximum width…

Voltage Stimulators


The Voltage Stimulator connects to either the MP36/MP35 or the MP30. BNC output provides compatibility with a variety of stimulator cables. The…

37 mm stimulating needle electrodes

Stimulating Electrodes

Part #: ELSTM1, ELSTM2

Recommended for use when applying a stimulus to animal subjects and tissue preparations ELSTM1 Unshielded Stimulation Bar Electrode for Research…

l Stim BNC-M - 2 x alligator

Stimulator Interface Cables


Use to interface stimulating silver or platinum wire electrodes or to connect directly with an animal preparation or isolated tissue…

Concave and Convex Bar Electrodes for Recording and Stimulation

Bar Electrodes

Part #: EL350, EL350S, EL351

Bar electrodes are recommended for use when applying a stimulus, or recording a signal, during nerve conduction, somatosensory or muscle…

Alligator Clip Lead

Special Electrode Lead Clips

Part #: LEAD140, LEAD142

LEAD140 Series electrode clip leads can be used for either recording or stimulation. They are useful for attaching BIOPAC amps to a…