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Water Electrode Headcap

H2O Caps for Mobita Wireless EEG


These Headcaps with 32 grommets for Mobita Water Based Electrodes can be used with the MB-32EEG-CAP-A assembly for the Mobita wearable…

Mobita ConfiCap connector

Mobita ConfiCaps

Part #: MB-32EEG-CAP-A, MB-12+20-CAP, MB-20EEG-CAP-B

ConfiCaps™ connect to an existing Mobita® base unit for wireless, wearable biopotential recording—options include 32-channel EEG, 10/20 EEG + 13 TP adapters, and 12…

Mobita water electrode strips

Water Electrode Inserts for Mobita EEG

Part #: RX-H2O-ELECT

Replacement pack of 100 water electrode strips for the Mobita EEG system. These small strips of absorbent material must be rolled up…