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NICO100C/EBI100C Lead

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NICO100C/EBI100C Lead
Part #: LEAD130
LEAD130 is an electrode lead assembly for use with the EBI100C Electrical Bioimpedance Module or the NICO100C Noninvasive Cardiac Output Module. The 2 m shielded lead assembly terminates with an adapter that plugs into the front of the amplifier module and includes four 1 m leads (total lead length is 3 m):
White = I+                 Green = Vin-
Black = I- (GND)          Red = Vin+
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Part #: LEAD130
Categories: Electrodes - Research
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  • If using multiple biopotential modules, do not connect the ground (GND) for the other modules—establish one ground per subject.
  • If using a EDA100C (or older GSR100C) Electrodermal Response Amplifier with the EBI100C or the NICO100C, please note that the black I-(GND) connection will shunt current from the GSR100C excitation source. Accordingly, EDA100C/GSR100C measurement values will be shifted somewhat higher in absolute conductance, and should be used for relative measures only.

See EL506 Bioimpedance Strip electrodes or other EL500 Series disposable electrodes.

Setup options with NICO Amplifers

setups for absolute and relative Cardiac Output measures

Setup options with EBI100C Amplifer

Electrical bioimpedance setups for absolute or relative measurement




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