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Eye Tracking Glasses

Easy, robust & versatile mobile eye tracking solution


SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2W with HD Scene Camera

Now researchers can easily record, synchronize, and analyze biometric data and mobile eye tracking data during interactive tasks using SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless (ETG 2w) by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) BIOPAC wireless, wearable BioNomadix Logger, and BIOPAC AcqKnowledge software. The ETG 2w eye tracking glasses record a person’s natural gaze behavior in real time, in a broad range of applications, and with outstanding robustness, mobility and ease of use. BIOPAC wireless hardware and software deliver world-class, research-quality biometric data in an easy-to-analyze format with extensive analysis tools.

PRO option only: BeGaze Analysis

Qualitative Analysis

  • Event detection, Gaze/Event overlay on Video, video export
  • Annotations & advanced visualizations
  • RTA analysis

Quantitative Analysis (Semantic Gaze Mapping)

  • Aggregated Data Mapping on reference Images

Mobile data processing

Uses Android smart recorder for wireless operation

Synchronize with biometric data

Seamless integration with BIOPAC’s BioNomadix Logger or MP150 Systems

Record natural gaze behavior in real time

Subjects are comfortable and unhindered

Eye tracking eye glasses
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The ETG 2w comes with a slim and lightweight ETG smart recorder which ensures full wireless data access with no compromise of mobility. iViewETG eye tracking software. The PRO also includes SMI BeGaze qualitative analysis (event detection, event overlay on video, other features) and quantitative analysis features a multi-user semantic gaze mapping module and the ability to aggregate multiple participant gaze and behavioral data onto target areas.

SMI mobile eye tracking is ideal for use with BIOPAC’s BioNomadix Logger and BIOPAC MP systems with AcqKnowledge.

BioNomadix Logger and SMI Glasses interface Wireless ECG and Respiration
SMI Glasses

AcqKnowledge software allows the playback of the SMI eye tracking video file and the video is synchronized  with the physiological data. Place the cursor anywhere in the physiological data and the video will jump to the corresponding frame in the video. The cursor automatically advances through the physiological data file marking the corresponding spot when the video is played.

BioNomadix Logger data with video from eye tracker

  • Synchronization with physiological data, motion tracking, and other data streams
  • Lightweight mobile eye tracking connected to daily life scenarios
  • Highly robust, binocular 60 Hz eye tracking
  • Over 100,000 users
  • Built-in HD scene camera
  • Full remote control for observation and annotations in real time
  • Wireless SDK with live data access and trigger support
  • Instant setup with Calibrationless mode, video export, qualitative and quantitative analysis, RTA Analysis
  • Ideal for use with BIOPAC BioNomadix Logger for recording physiological data


Human interface design


Noninvasive video based glasses-type eye tracker; Insertable sun glasses included
Glasses weight 47g
Calibration Calibrationless gaze tracking; 1-/3-point calibration; Offline calibration correction
Validation Live validation of gaze tracking quality
Parallax compensation


Automatic parallax compensation
Sampling rate 60Hz binocular 2
Gaze tracking accuracy 0.5° over all distances (typ.)
Gaze tracking range 80° horizontal, 60° vertical
Scene camera Resolution: 1280x96op @24 fps; 960x72op @30 fps;
H DR (high dynamic range) mode with high sensitivity for low light
Scene camera field of view Field of view: 60° horizontal, 46° vertical
Eyewear compatibility Works with contact lenses and most vision correction spectacles;
Snap-on corrective lenses from +/- 4 diopter available
Audio Integrated microphone’
Wireless control Online scene video with gaze cursor, tracking status, eye images;
Wireless live control and live annotations via Wi-Fi connected Windows device
Wi-Fi standard 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Interfacing VRPN interface
Real-time data streaming with SDK (raw and fixation data, pupil measurements etc.)
Wireless logging of incoming trigger messages
Hardware trigger via PCI Express card with parallel port (requires additional hardware) 3
Wi-Fi standard 802.11 n; Gigabit LAN 802.3 a/b
Norm compliance CE Declaration of Conformity; EN55o22:05/2008 (class A); EN55024:10/2003; E N62471:2008; I P Class: 20

SMI (ETG 2w) Eye Tracking Glasses package includes: 60 Hz binocular Eye Tracking Glasses with HD camera and 2 optional lenses (clear and amber), Android smart recorder for wireless operation and mobile data processing, iViewETG eye tracking software, SMI SDK, SMI BeGaze analysis software, Hardware trigger (PCI Express card 1x parallel /LPT for laptop).


Eye Tracking & Physiology - Synchronized Data

SMI BeGaze Import and Synchronization




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