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Bioimpedance Strip Electrodes

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Disp. Bioimped. Strip electrd 8/pk
Part #: EL506, EL506-10

Use as an alternative to band electrodes

This unique disposable strip electrode is designed for bioimpedance applications. The electrode is silver laminated on porous, medical-grade cloth, with industry-standard medical grade adhesive, medium tackiness. The silver-silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) electrode provides accurate and clear transmission of surface biopotentials and is latex free.

Advantages of the Strip Electrode

  • Combines the convenience and ergonomic advantages of standard snap (spot) electrodes with the signal to noise, equipotential and current diffusion performance of band electrodes
  • Less obtrusive than band electrodes—easier for subjects to move and breathe
  • Diffuses currents similarly to band electrodes (reduces current density)
  • Provides voltage measurements through a well-defined equipotential plane
  • Adjustable—cut the strip to the desired size for optimal fit
  • Peel-and-stick convenience
  • Disposable
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Disp. Bioimped. Strip electrd 8/pk
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Categories: Electrodes - Research, Electrodes - Education
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  • Ag/AgCl conductive element (6.5 mm width)
  • Ungelled, but gel electrolyte can be added
  • Standard snap connection
  • Highly compliant and flexible
  • Size: 250 mm long x 24.5 mm wide
  • Latex-free




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