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B-Alert X10

B-Alert X10

Hardware Package: Wireless
Applications: Sleep Studies
Advanced Features: Spike Counting, ECG Analysis Features, EEG Spectral Analysis, Neuromarketing - HRV and ECG Analysis, Neuromarketing - Wireless EEG and Cognitive States, Wireless EEG and Cognitive State Analysis, Subject Mobility

X10 Wireless EEG (9 EEG channels + 1 ECG channel) & AcqKnowledge 4

Part #: B-ALERT110-WA

B-Aert X10 EEG+ECG and AcqKnowledge

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Ag-AgCl Snap Electrodes 4 mm

Ag-AgCl Reusable Snap Electrodes

Reusable Ag-AgCl snap electrodes with 4 or 8 mm diameter and 2 mm deep gel cavity. Features for improved biopotential recordings Non-polarizable Sintered to increase electrode/electrolyte contact area Do not require chloriding Reusable via resurfacing High stability recordings, to DC, when used with chloride salt gel electrolyte Electrolyte gel cavity reduces artifact due to electrolyte/electrode motion […]

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New Eye Tracking Glasses Bring Real-world Data to Academic Research

BIOPAC combines eye tracking with mobile data logging and physiology data collection to run experiments in the lab or in the real world BIOPAC Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce new eye tracking integration for researchers who conduct experiments from mobile participants in diverse locations. ETVision (EYE-ETV) eye tracking glasses now integrate with BIOPAC wireless systems and software, […]

New Citations | Utilizing VR and AcqKnowledge to Reduce Stress

 Impact of Green Space on Stress Reduction Research studies show that the increased exposure of urbanization, traffic noise and pollution has been correlated with increasing levels of stress. However, do greener, more natural environments provide the opposite effect, restoring human well-being and contributing in stress reduction? Researchers compared user experiences in Virtual Reality (VR) scenes […]

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