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BIOPAC provides software and hardware that allows research teams to study physiological measures, whether in this reality or in virtual reality, or for a single person or multi-person groups. Here are a few studies focusing on BIOPAC equipment’s ability to record physiological signals, including ECG, EDA, and Respiration.

Pairs Performing Under Pressure

How does acute stress affect real-time cooperation and competitive interaction between people? Pairs of women played a turn-based game while AcqKnowledge Software was acquiring and analyzing the dyad’s ECG signals to see when participants became stressed. Did they cooperate and play better when under acute stress? Read the full study: Inter-brain neural mechanism underlying turn-based interaction under acute stress in women: A hyperscanning study using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (Hanxuan Zhao, Yadan Li, Xuewei Wang, Yuecui Kan, Sihua Xu, Haijun Duan)

A Pair, Inside & Out

People coordinate with one another to achieve joint goals, often spontaneously and without much conscious effort. However, in an interaction, do pairs coordinate their bodily rhythms as well? Using a BioNomadix unit to record Respiration, this study aimed to see whether dyads coordinated bodily rhythms through mutual adaptation (i.e., reciprocity) or by producing more predictable patterns. Read the full study: The Role of Reciprocity in Dynamic Interpersonal Coordination of Physiological Rhythms (Ivana Konvalinka, Natalie Sebanz, Gunther Knoblich)

Next-Gen Stress Reducer

Reducing stress is a well-proven way to reduce a person’s chance of becoming sick. By creating a relaxing virtual reality environment that people could enter, could they better manage their stress and feel better? A BIOPAC Data Acquisition System was used to record participants’ ECG, EDA, and RESP data while they were in the virtual world. Read the full study: Facilitating relaxation and stress reduction in healthy participants through a virtual reality intervention: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial (Miriam Kampa, Johannes Finke, Tobias Stalder, Leandra Bucher, Holger Klapperich, Fabian Mertl, Christian Zimmer, Christian Geiger, Marc Hassenzahl, Tim Klucken)

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Citation Spotlight | Menstrual Cycle-Driven Hormones & Brain Changes

BIOPAC is pleased to recognize the first-author contribution of Viktoriya Babenko,...

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