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On-Demand | Measuring the Emotional State of Guilt with Eye Tracking, EDA/GSR & fMRI

Guilt is a powerful social emotion that can motivate humans to change their behavior. When researching guilt, Dr. Hongbo Yu used psychophysiology, eye tracking, and neuroimaging while exploring how eye contact enhances the emotional arousal of guilt. Participants were monitored while looking at the eye region or the nose region of fellow participants receiving pain stimulation in a video. Eye tracking ensured that the participant was fixating over the correct target region of the face and arousal levels were recorded using electrodermal activity as the participant watched the video.

Dr. Yu also designed an interactive paradigm that required participants to play multiple rounds of a dot-estimation task with two partners. Failure in the task would result in the partner receiving electric shocks. Again, eye tracking and electrodermal activity tracked where the person was looking and recorded the participant’s arousal level.

Join BIOPAC and Dr. Yu to learn about his research on interpersonal guilt during social interaction and pain stimulation. Dr. Yu walks you through his experiment and explains the results. BIOPAC’s Tim Cook reviews the types of equipment you can use to conduct an experiment when researching emotion and affect.

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Electrodermal Activity Data | Intro to Recording & Analysis

This EDA webinar will cover recording techniques and strategies for optimizing electrodermal activity data quality. Emphasis will focus on signal quality for in-lab and remote recording applications, including techniques for capturing event triggers for event-related applications.

You will learn how to
– Record great EDA data
– Prepare data for analysis
– Identify and remove artifact from data
– Use AcqKnowledge automated routines
– Run Batch processing

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